Advertising possibilities and sponsoring of the EMV
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Marketing – exploit advertising opportunities for a successful exhibition

The main goal of attending a trade fair is to attract the right contacts to your booth. We can support you with your presentation plans and provide various marketing and advertising possibilities so that the EMV will be complete success for you.

Achieve more with your EMC webinar

Do you have an already produced webinar, product demonstration or specific application examples? Book an advertising spot to get the most out of your expert content and benefit from EMV's reach.

You can reach potential customers 365 days a year via the EMV webinar collection, regardless of the March trade show date. The great thing is that you don't have to create the webinar separately, but can use existing video files or links from your company. So you save time and effort and get the most out of your content.

By the way: EMV achieved top rankings on Google in 2020 for search terms related to "EMV Webinar", (German) and that without any advertising measures. Advertising campaigns are planned for the 2022 event year, including on LinkedIn and Google, to give you even greater visibility.




  • Gain reach and attention
  • Reach customers 365 days a year, regardless the trade show date
  • Position yourself as a topic driver and impulse generator in EMC
  • Benefit from the low effort and submit already existing webinars


  • Publication of your webinar on our website, sorted by product groups
  • Individual promotion of your webinar in EMV's social media channels (XING, LinkedIn)
  • Linking of your webinar to the exhibitor search (probably online from November to June)
  • Promotion of all webinars in newsletters to visitors of the trade fair and the conference/workshops
  • Brief analysis: page views of the "Webinars" page (ad impressions) and number of clicks on your video file or link (clicks) for the entire booking period

Prices and conditions

The following scale prices apply based on website traffic:


Month Price
January 470 Euro
February 470 Euro
March 470 Euro
165 Euro
May 165 Euro
June 165 Euro
July 250 Euro
August 250 Euro
September 250 Euro
October 335 Euro
November 335 Euro
December 335 Euro
Yearly package (12 months) 2,750 Euro

Tip: If you book an advertising spot for twelve consecutive months, the total price is only 2,750 Euro and you save around 25 percent.

  • Minimum purchase quantity is three consecutive months
  • The price is for one webinar (one video file or link; if desired, the link or video file can be exchanged during the booked period)
  • The booking of a webinar place does not require participation in the trade fair as an exhibitor (attention, in this case the service "link with exhibitor search" does not apply)
  • The video or the link should be available at least one week before the booking period

Technical requirements

  • Short description (max. 600 characters) in the language of the webinar, video caption if requested
  • Logo in web quality
  • Duration of the webinar: no restrictions
  • Format of the video: mp4 or gif, Full HD, 16:9

Recommendations and tips

Content instead of advertising

It is much easier to reach viewers with concrete, specific technical content than with an image film, for example. We therefore advise you to use video content that adds value for the viewer:

  • Show examples of use, best cases or something comparable
  • Address current trends that move the industry
  • Present concrete products by means of demonstrations or the like

Annual package

  • Book twelve consecutive months and save 910 Euro: The price for the annual package is only 2,750 Euro.
  • Video file instead of link
  • We recommend that you provide a video file instead of a link, as this is more user-friendly. Also, it has been found that additional registrations to get access to the video are a hurdle.


You can reach a larger audience with English-language videos. Please note that German language webinars are only published on the German website, not on the English website.

Contact and booking

Are you interested? Please get in touch with:

Carina Stengel

Senior Exhibition Manager

Carina Stengel

The marketing contribution – overview of all services

The marketing contribution, which each exhibitor (main as well as co-exhibitor) has to pay with their registration to the event, offers numerous services you can make use of in order to highlight your business.

For the price of 390 Euro plus VAT you will get the following services:

  • Company profile with text and image
  • Listing in 10 product groups
  • 5 product pages with text, image and link
  • 5 keywords for the full text search
  • 10 links to your social media channels
  • Document download (up to 6 PDF documents per language)
  • Listing in interactive site map
  • Digital entry vouchers for your customers
  • Provision of event logo or banner
  • Social media visuals
  • Worldwide promotion of the EMV to attract attendees
  • Comprehensive press campaigns to promote the EMV
  • Announcement and promotion of the exhibition
  • Company name and stand number in the hall plan, event guide and app
  • Release of your job advertisement on-site

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