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For speakers

The EMV Conference and Workshops enable you to impart your knowledge at the highest level. We need you here as a source of inspiration and a master of your field. Pass on your practical EMC expertise and exchange ideas with other experts.

What awaits you

As a speaker, you will bring your expertise to a highly qualified, engaged audience. Spark innovation and mutual discussions with your talk.

Speakers can visit the parallel exhibition free of charge and benefit from being mentioned in promotional material for the EMV and attending important networking events there.

„For attendees, the EMV offers a comprehensive program as well as an exhibition plus numerous opportunities to contact with experts. This is a valuable contribution when gaining and updating knowledge.“

Conference topics

A01 Narrowband and broadband continuous sources of interference
A02 Transient sources of interference (lightning, burst, switching operation, interference, short circuit, NEMP, UWB, HPEM)
A03 Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

B01 Numerical procedures
B02 Modeluncertanties
B03 Analysis in complex systems
B04 Risc analysis

C01 EMC-planning and control
C02 Quality assurances
C03 EMC and functional safety
C04 Frequency management
C05 System and plant testing
C06 Buildings and infrastructure

D01 Grounding
D02 Line topology, cabling
D03 Shielding, also with conductive plastics
D04 Field to cable and cable to cable coupling
D05 Cable shielding
D06 Linear and non-linear filters

E01 Spectrum and network analyzer, FFT-analyzer (Real Time Analyzer)
E02 Antennas, sensors
E03 Interference immunity, emitted interference
E04 Localization of sources of interference
E05 Test places (free fields, anechoic chambers, TEM cells, reverberation chambers, etc.)
E06 Statistics, calibration, measurement uncertainty
E07 Automation of measuring processes
E08 Comparability of different measurement methods

F01 Latest EMC standards and drafts
F02 Qualification, accreditation and certification
F03 Cost, calibration, traceability
F04 International harmonization
F05 Regulation, EU, national

G01 Deliberately provoked disturbances (IEMI)
G02 Interference immunity analysis
G03 Protective measure

H01 Digitalization (Industry 4.0/Internet of things)
H02 Automation and process control technology
H03 M2M, RFID technologies
H04 Mechatronics
H05 Process control technology
H06 Drive technology

I01 Vehicles
I02 Autonomous driving (incl. legal aspects)
I03 Aircrafts, ships, railroad
I04 Navigation systems
I05 Aerospace

J01 Near Field Communication (NFC)
J02 Broadband communication systems
J03 Mobile communication, UMTS, LTE, digital dividend
J04 ISM, SRD, WLAN, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT
J05 Power-Line Communication

K01 Power electronics
K02 Network disturbances
K03 Energy efficiency and EMC
K04 Renewable energies

L01 Integrated circuits
L02 Printed circuit boards

M01 Outer and inner lightning protection
M02 Overvoltage protection
M03 Building control systems
M04 Integrated building and plant protection

N01 EMC in hospitals, clinics and surgeries
N02 EMC medical equipment and systems
N03 Active implants
N04 Diagnostic imaging systems

O01 Effect of electromagnetic fields on organisms
O02 Personal protection in person control systems
O03 Requirements on equipment and plants
O04 Regulation and standardization in the field of EMTE

P01 EMC aspects of charging stations and inductive charging
P02 Battery management
P03 Use of modern inverters
P04 BUS systems in vehicles

Important deadlines

Deadline Call for Papers
26 August 2019
Review of your article in the program October 2019
Deadline submission of workshop documentation and ordering additional technical equipment
27 January 2020
Deadline online registration 17 Februar 2020
EMV in Cologne 17 – 19 March 2020
Get Together
17 March 2020
Committee and Speakers Evening 18 March 2020

Why become a speaker?

  • Publication of the conference contributions
  • Access to the exhibition and all events
  • Chance to win the Best Paper or Young Engineer Award
  • Honorarium in the amount of 512 Euro for workshop speaker
  • Chance to make valuable contacts

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