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The EMC conference and the workshops enable knowledge transfer at the highest level. Share your EMC knowledge from practice or scientific research results. Find all relevant information for speakers here.

What you can expect

As a speaker, you will bring your practical expertise to a highly qualified, interested audience, from basic knowledge to specialized topics. With your presentation, you will provide an impetus for innovation and for dialog with one another.

Your advantages as a speaker

  • Citable publication of your contribution with DOI number *
  • Admission to the trade fair, the Get Together and the committee and speakers' evening
  • Chance to win the Best Paper or Young Engineer Award *
  • Registration fee for conference speakers covers conference participation and side events
  • Fee and profit sharing for workshop speakers

* Applies only to conference speakers who submit a citable full paper only


  1. Narrowband and broadband continuous sources of interference
  2. Transient interference sources (lightning, burst, switching, short circuit, NEMP, UWB, HPEM, ESD)
  3. Intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI)
  1. EMC concepts
  2. EMC system analysis
  3. Numerical simulation and modeling
  4. Risk analysis (technical and non-technical aspects)
  5. EMC and functional safety
  1. Grounding and earthing
  2. Line topology, cabling
  3. Linear and non-linear filters
  4. Overvoltage protection
  5. Shielding, also by means of conductive plastics
  1. Integrated circuits
  2. Printed circuit boards
  1. Spectrum, network and FFT analyzers (Real Time Analyser)
  2. Antennas, sensors
  3. Interference immunity, interference emissions
  4. Localization of interference sources
  5. Measurement sites (free fields, anechoic chambers, TEM cells, reverberation chambers, etc.)
  6. Comparability of different measurement methods
  7. Automation of measurement methods
  8. Statistics, measurement uncertainties
  9. Calibration, traceability, intercomparisons
  1. New approval procedures
  2. Changes in standardization
  3. Qualification, accreditation and certification
  4. International harmonization and approval
  5. Regulation, EU, national and international
  6. Radio approval at total system level
  7. Regulation and standardization in the field of EMC
  1. Digitalization (Industry 4.0/Internet of Things)
  2. Automation and process control technology
  3. M2M, RFID technologies
  4. Mechatronics
  5. Process control engineering
  6. Drive technology
  1. Aircraft, ships, railroads
  2. Navigation systems
  3. Space travel
  1. EMC aspects of charging columns and inductive charging
  2. Battery management
  3. Use of modern converters
  4. BUS systems in vehicles
  5. Autonomous driving (incl. legal aspects)
  6. Mobile machines
  1. Broadband communication systems
  2. Power-Line Communication
  1. Near Field Communication (NFC)
  2. Mobile communications, UMTS, LTE, digital dividend, 5G
  3. ISM, SRD, WLAN, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT
  4. Amateur Radio
  1. Power electronics
  2. Power system perturbations
  3. Energy efficiency and EMC
  4. Regenerative Energies
  5. Wireless power transmission
  6. EMC aspects in the frequency range 2 - 150 kHz
  7. Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)
  1. EMC in hospital, clinic and medical practice
  2. EMC of medical devices and systems
  3. Active implants
  1. Effect of electromagnetic fields on organisms
  2. Personal protection in personal control systems
  3. Safety in electromagnetic fields
  1. New numerical methods in product development and validation
  2. Comparison of simulation and measurement results in practice
  3. Implementation of innovative interference suppression measures
  4. Innovative measurement techniques

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