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EMV 2025: Call for workshops launched - with restructured topic areas

9 Jul 2024

Stuttgart, 09.07.2024. The call for workshops has been launched: Representatives from science and industry are invited to apply to be speakers and submit their abstract by 10.09.2024. The EMV trade fair and workshops held in Stuttgart from 25–27 March 2025 will provide an outstanding platform for the electromagnetic compatibility sector.

Source: Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Mathias Kutt
Source: Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Mathias Kutt

The EMC workshops give speakers the opportunity to present their expertise to a broad specialist audience and thus enhance their recognition and reputation within the community. Sharing knowledge and contributing to the training of others not only helps to promote the progress and development of the electromagnetic compatibility field, but to develop and improve speakers’ own ideas and approaches. Furthermore, participation in Europe’s industrial gathering for EMC enables attendees to expand their professional network and develop potential new collaborations and partnerships.

The latest market demands as well as the usual topic areas

The market demand for smart products has led to a rapid increase in the number of wireless devices. In addition to the regular topics, the new thematic group E covers radio, radio systems, product wireless interfaces, and smart products. This group will also address the issue of the cybersecurity of radio equipment, which will be included in the European Conformity Assessment from August 2025. The inclusion of the new topic area offers speakers and participants the opportunity to discuss current developments and stay up to date.

EMV 2025 topic areas

Contributions to the EMV 2025 workshops can be submitted for the following topic areas:

Thematic group A: EMC basics, EMC-compliant design, interference protection measures for systems and components

Thematic group B: EMC and safety, standards, laws and regulations, insurance and liability issues, licensing, accreditation and certification

Thematic group C: EMC measuring techniques, validation, simulation

Thematic group D: EMC aspects in specific technical-technological areas

Thematic group E: Radio, radio systems, wireless interfaces in products, smart products

New committee chairman

Graduate engineer Holger Bentje, whose roles include Master Specialist EMC & Radio Technologies at Phoenix Testlab GmbH and Director of the Notified Bodies RED and the Telecom Certification Bodies (TCB) for the USA, Canada, and Japan, took up his position as the new committee chairman for the EMC workshops in April. Under his leadership, the 17-member committee of science and industry specialists evaluates all the submissions. The best will be selected for inclusion in an extensive program of workshops. The speakers will then be informed at the end of October.

The submission conditions, the procedure, and the dates and deadlines can be found at Call for Workshops - EMV - Mesago.


International exhibition with workshops on Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMV will be held from 25–27 March 2025.

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