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23. – 25.03.2021 Stuttgart Tickets & registration

For speakers

The EMV workshops enable you to impart your knowledge at the highest level. We need you here as a source of inspiration and a master of your field. Pass on your practical EMC expertise. Important information for speakers can be found here.

What awaits you

As a speaker, you will bring your expertise – from basic knowledge to specialized topics – to a highly qualified, engaged audience. Spark innovation and mutual discussions with your talk.

As a speaker, you can visit the accompanying exhibition free of charge and benefit from being mentioned in promotional material for the EMV 2021 and attending important networking events there.

Your benefits at a glance

As a speaker at the product and company independent EMV workshops you will not only share your expert knowledge and your passion for electromagnetic compatibility with interested users. You will also gain valuable contacts in the EMC community, both on the supplier and user side, and will have free access to the accompanying trade fair and evening events.

You would like to draw on a contribution from your repertoire? No problem, the focus is always on the current relevance of your know-how for the everyday work of other EMC users. Of course, we take care of the organizational preparation and participant acquisition – you concentrate on the essentials.

By the way: you receive a honorary fee of 512 Euro plus profit sharing.

Admission to the trade fair and all evening events included
512 Euro fee plus profit sharing
Valuable contacts to industry and science from all fields of application
Professional organization of your workshop by Mesago

Workshop topics

A01  Introduction into the physical-technological basics of EMC
A02  EMC requirements, legal questions, directives and standards (national/international)
A03  EMC management, methods, tools and practical experiences
A04  EMC and product liability, insurance law questions
A05  EMC services and field reports of service providers
A06  EMC market surveillance, benchmarks, experiences and results
A07  Technical/technological trends and market perspectives

B01  Application of EMI suppression components (inductors, chokes, filters, filter components)
B02  Lighting and overvoltage protection, concepts and measures
B03  Shielding, concepts and technologies, shielding material and EMI-seals
B04  EMC measures on enclosures, cabinets, windows, doors and feedthroughs
B05  EMC analysis, modelling, simulation and prediction, tools and methods
B06  EMC design, methods and tools
B07  EMC adequate grounding and equipotential bonding on board, apparatus and fixed installation level
B08  EMC measurement and test equipment/measurement methods for noise immunity and emission
B09  EMC measurement technology, measurement uncertainty and traceability
B10  Pre-compliance EMC measurements and tests
B11  EMC and reliability, functional safety, IT-safety
B12  EMC and power quality

C01  EMC on chip and board level/signal- and power integrity
C02  EMC on equipment, system and fixed installation level
C03  EMC in embedded systems
C04  EMC in cable and IT-networks, powerline communication
C05  EMC in wireless networks, cellular phone networks
C06  EMC in electrical power technology/power electronics and inverter technology
C07  EMC in production and automatization technology
C08  EMC in electrical drive systems, lifting and handling equipment and transportation systems
C09  EMC in control and installation technology, household and building technology,
C10  EMC in mechatronics and microsystems technology
C11  EMC in medical technology, medical practices and hospitals
C12  EMC in automotive, rail and ship engineering
C13  E-mobility, charging technology, high voltage application
C14  EMC in aerospace and military technology
C15  EMC of wireless modules and combined devices with wireless interfaces

D01  Biological effects of electromagnetic fields
D02  Modern communication technologies and health risks to users
D03  Directives and minimum code for safety and health protection
D04  Application of EMC technologies to reduce exposition risks

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