Organization for speakers

Here you find all information on the preparation of your workshop at the EMV goes digital 2021.

Important dates

October 2020 Review of your workshop announcement in the online program
1 February 2021 Deadline submission of workshop documentation
4 – 22 February 2021 Review of the workshop documentations by the committee
1 March 2021 Deadline online registration
22 – 26 March 2021 EMV goes digital 2021

Workshop documentation

Each participant receives a digital workshop documentation which will be dispensed by Mesago prior to the workshop and serves as a basis and reference for participants.

When submitting please note the following:

  • For the distribution, we need your documentation as an open PDF file (max. 10 MB).
  • Documentations that are delayed, cannot be dispensed by us prior to the workshop.
  • The submitted documentation will be offered to the participants without further corrections of formatting or spelling mistakes.

Attention: Product presentations of any kind are not permitted. In line with this, your documentation should be prepared in a neutral way.

We recommend inserting all slides of your presentation into the documentation. You may use our presentation template.

Please submit your documentation by 1 February 2021 by email to

  • Volume: we recommend max. 80 pages DIN A4, max. two slides each page
  • Page numbers: consecutive page numbers
  • Structure: using decimal system
  • Pictures and graphics: embedded in the document
  • Front cover: produced by Mesago

As the author you confirm that only licensed software has been used to prepare your documentation and therefore release Mesago Messe Frankfurt GmbH from any damage claims by third parties.

Digital presentation

During your workshop, practical and application-oriented contents supplemented by experiments and simulations should be presented.

We strive to guarantee high quality workshops. Therefore, please note that your presentation is designed as training only and that product presentations as well as marketing message are not permitted.

The workshops of the EMV goes digital will take place online via Zoom.

The duration of your workshop is 3 hours including a 15 minutes break. Please calculate at least 15 minutes for questions and discussions.

You are welcome to use our presentation template.

To ensure that your presentation will be a success please find some important hints and tips hereinafter.

  • Presentation:
    The presentation does not necessarily have to be a full PowerPoint presentation. You are welcome to pre-record e.g. experiments and measurements and add these video sequences to your presentation. If you have access to technical equipment (e.g. “recording studio”), you can perform live experiments and measurements of course.
  • Audio:
    Use a headset. By this, a good voice quality will be obtained and no acoustic noise will be made. Avoid disturbing external noise.
  • Webcam/camera:
    During your presentation, rather look directly into the camera than at the monitor as often as possible. Prior to your presentation define an appropriate display section. Position yourself in front of a calm background and not in front of a window. Pay attention to a contrast between your clothing and the background. The clothing should not have too small patterns. Create a sufficient lighting. This works best with a light source from top left and right. You are welcome to use the full HD background (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) of the "EMV goes digital".
  • Interaction with the audience:
    A popular and frequently used way to engage participants is to include questions during your workshop. To do so, fill out this form and send your questions to by 08 March 2021. We will be happy to discuss the process with you during the speaker training.

Your participation

You will receive an email with registration information. In the course of your registration, you can also sign in for further workshops. Please note that the online registration for your own workshop is compulsory by 1 March 2021 at the latest.

You are therefore expected to hold your presentation in person. In case you are not able to hold your workshop in person we urge you to find an alternative speaker who can act as your substitute. Please inform us immediately via e-mail to about any changes.

Please ensure that we have the contact data of the co-speakers mentioned in the abstract. As soon as the online registration is available, your co-speakers will receive an email with the relevant registration information.

Advertising material

Let your business contacts know about your presentation at the EMV goes digital 2021.

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